North Queens TV White Space Trials 

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Technologies Compared

MTRI Demonstration Link this is using the latest generation of equipment

Pretty Mary Lake link an example of how we could bring service into a remote community



Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute test link

This has been our long term 7.6km test link from our test site on Tefler hill Caledonia to the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute (MTRI) our antenna heights are 85ft at Tefler hill and 20ft at MTRI.

The Tefler Hill site is equipped with all the options currently available to wireless internet service providers.

1) 5GHz Band

2) 3.65Ghz Band LTE

3) 2.4Ghz Band

4) 900Mhz band

None of this equipment is capable of making a link.

All of the higher frequency options are stopped by the 400 meters of trees 5.1km from Tefler hill on the left.

The 900Mhz equipment possibly penetrates these trees but cannot penetrate the second band of trees at 7.3km.

The TVWS equipment connects at nearly full links speed of ~13Mbps TCP using a single 6Mhz channel the maximum we are currently allowed under regulations, if Canada adopts current practise in other countries and allows the use of more channels this equipment could connect at speeds in excess of 40Mbps TCP.

This represents a 35-400% improvement in link speeds depending on signal conditions with the greatest improvement being for weak signal over earlier equipment and is a result of our trials and considerable work by the equipment manufacturer.

In particular a lot of effort has been made to improve the weak signal performance a common problem in tree covered rural areas.





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