North Queens TV White Space Trials

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Our enquires had revealed that the was only one TV station operating in the UHF band in our area leaving nearly 200Mhz of spectrum un used. In May we did a  series of spectrum scans to find out if this was the case the results of which can be found in this document.


In summary although we are within the protected contour of one TV channel we had considerable difficulty detecting it's signal (or any signals in the area.) In general the only places we could detect a signal was on the cleared hill tops at the bases of communication towers in the area, for most of the population no TV signal can be detected, we would assume the reason is the heavy vegetation in the area the same factor that makes all wireless communications challenging.



The illustration above shows the protected contours for stations in our area and the location of our tests sites a more detailed file is available here that opens in Google Earth




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