North Queens TV White Space Trials

           Terrain and Vegetation


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The picture on the left is taken from the base of the antenna mast at our 2nd test site and shows the typical terrain in the area, low rolling tree covered hills with not one single subscriber insight. Unfortunately it is also devoid of any significantly higher locations where base station antennas could be located.

This is typical of large parts of rural Nova Scotia and Canada and requires equipment with a significant Non Line of Sight performance.


The map below illustrates the problem, our 2nd test site is on a low hill 20m above the surrounding terrain within a 5km radius we can count more than 80 hills of the same height or higher.

 Nearly all the population is located on lower land between the hills making them hard to reach



The vegetation is a mix of evergreen and deciduous trees averaging 20m in height with  occasional higher areas. The type and height of the vegetation can make a significant difference to the signal path so we have gone to some length to show this on each test report, we have included Google Earth files making it possible to visualize the signal path in great detail.