North Queens TV White Space Trials

             Results from 2nd Test Site



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The test site is located on a low partially cleared hill top approximately 22 meters above the surrounding land, within a 5km radius of the test site we can count over 80 hills of the same height or higher, of course most of the population is located on the lower land making it a very challenging environment for wireless communications.

 Although with TVWS a maximum antenna height of 33m (100ft) is allowed we only had a test mast of 14.5 meters (45ft) available for the tests limiting our coverage. Using Radio Mobile software we prepared an expected coverage map of the area viewable in Google Earth, real world results came in close to the expected results which we will be reviewing with an aim of increasing the accuracy in our area.

 We were impressed to see the TVWS equipment routinely make a link where the signal path was obstructed by one or more solid obstacles.



test 9 15km link testing the limits of this technology.

Test 10 4.6km link under almost ideal conditions (very few trees)

Test 11 * 4.2km link with hill top blocking direct signal path and heavy tree cover around client radio

Test 12  a short link (2.8km) with 2 solid obstructions and heavy tree cover

Test 13 * 4.24km link passing trough 2 hill tops including a solid obstruction also an interesting example of horizontal diffraction

Test 14 * A fairly straightforward 3km link for TVWS

Test 15 * Another straight forward 3km link with considerable forest

Test 16 * 3.4km link with 3 solid obstructions and heavy tree cover

Test 17 6.5km link with a minor obstruction

Test 18   5.2km link with a remarkable example of overcoming an obstruction

       Test 19-21 were conducting as a survey for a test network to see the coverage we could get without moving the base station yagi, the client CPE were spread over a 25 degree arc

Test 19  3.6km link 1/2 in forest

Test 20  4.3km link skimming the tree tops

Test 21 A short but challenging link due to heavy forest and a hill top

Test 22  An interesting 9km link skimming the tree tops

All test were conducted with the same 8dBi yagi antennas at base and mobile.

Tests marked with an * were conducted twice once before the leafs left the trees and once after the average variation was 5dBm